Welcome to Medical Marijuana Food! Here, you will find important information regarding the benefits of eating medical marijuana versus smoking it, as well as the most commonly ingested foods that can contain medical marijuana.

Let’s start with why people ingest medical marijuana.  There are a variety of reasons behind this choice but the most common include health, variety, and increased high.



It is common knowledge that smoking anything is bad for your health.  Unless you use a vaporizer, there are many harmful contaminants that can be inhaled other than just THC vapors.  For instance, butane from your lighter can kick back into your lungs, as can sparks of flint.  With any burning down of organic matter, there is a carbonization process that occurs which results in tar.  Smoke anything long enough, even basic leaves, and your lungs will eventually be harmed.  So let’s be clear: marijuana itself will not harm your lungs, but the act of smoking will.  Likewise, smoking anything results in throat irritation over time.

Therefore, many people who are health conscious, or simply do not wish to smoke anything, are finding that they can still get their medicine by incorporating it into food.



Another reason people choose to eat medical marijuana is for the simple fact that it is a different route of ingestion.  We all like variety, and for people who routinely smoke medical marijuana, eating it is a fun and new way to receive their medical benefits.  In addition, it provides a variety in terms of being able to medicate nearly anywhere.  While it is illegal to smoke marijuana in public, it is not illegal to eat in public.  Because of the ease at which marijuana can be hidden in food, it allows for medicating on the go.



It is a known fact that eating marijuana produces a greater high than smoking.  While smoking produces an almost instant high, ingesting marijuana has a slower build up.  It may take anywhere for 20 minutes to 2 hours to feel the effects after eating a pot brownie, for example.  However, once the effects are felt, many people claim experiencing a much more intense high for a much longer period of time.  This is especially important for people who medicate for chronic pain.  While smoking may give you instant relief, it will wear off relatively quickly.  On the other hand, ingesting medical marijuana can have lasting benefits of 4 to 12 hours!  Being pain free for such an amount of time is surely worth the initial waiting period for the effects to take place.